Saturday, 9 July 2016

Anton Barbeau & the Joy Boys - No More Love Guitars tape (1990)

The origins of how this selection found it's way into my robust cassette archive are all but elusive, but as the saying goes, I'm not complaining.  Mr. Barbeau & his joyful twenty-somethings (guestimating from the cover pic) dabbled in wry, ironic pop, occupying a quartet of seats in the same ballpark as Jellyfish, Crowded House, and perhaps even Aztec, though the execution employed on ...Love Guitars is considerably more homegrown.  The title track alone is enough to suck you in, bearing not one, but two enduring hooks.  From there on, the "magic" advances and recedes, with the nearly as appealing "Magazine St.," not to mention power-pop fireball "People Like..." and the rootsy "Take the Bottle From Baby," all accounting for the most satisfactory slices of this pie's hefty thirteen servings.  Some of the more ballad-esque numbers never quite settle into a groove, and I could do without the dainty waltz ("Dancing With Nancy") altogether.  The wanderlust-ful, eight-minute jam "Leaving Icy Behind" is truly in a field of it's own.  All in all, Guitars' most convincing moments make a compelling case for Anton Barbeau, apparently a denizen of Sacramento, CA at the time of this release.  Subsequent to No More Love Guitars, a steady stream of releases ensued, including his most recent compendium, Magic Act.

01. No More Love Guitars
02. Magazine St.
03. Pudenda Song
04. Marshmallow Man
05. People Like...
06. Dancing With Nancy
07. Girl Like That
08. Back to Balmain
09. Pilot, Passenger, Plane
10. Keeping Pace With Pidgeons
11. In This Jungle
12. Take the Bottle From the Baby
13. Leaving Icy Behind

Original Content: Anton Barbeau & the Joy Boys - No More Love Guitars tape (1990)

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