Saturday, 5 March 2016

Frogpond - 2% tape (1994)

It must have been a good two decades ago when someone tipped me off to Frogpond, but when I learned they were on a major label that essentially sunk their credibility with me.  Glad I didn't pass up on this demo when I found it in a thrift store rack not too long ago.  Four young women from central Missouri unfurl an unholy volley of devastating hooks and crunchy guitar clatter on this eight-song nugget of buzz 'n fuzz, placing them squarely in the same marathon as the Breeders, Liz Phair and Veruca Salt.  In terms of sheer accomplishment and capability, the gold would go to Kim Deal and Co. in that hypothetical race, but Frogpond would clock in at a very close second or third.  I'm practically in love with 2%. Will have to check out their proper albums, even if they're lacking the raw, naschent charm of this tape.

01. Notion
02. Even Now
03. Losers
04. Emotional Slut
05. Here We Go
06. Talk to Me
07. People
08. Today

Original Content: Frogpond - 2% tape (1994)

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