Thursday, 29 October 2015

Junk Monkeys - Firehouse (1987, Happy Face)

It appears my turntable is sick, so this might be the last vinyl I'm able to share for a spell (though I hear a tape deck can be a lot of fun).  My apologies if the audio quality is a tad compromised.  Firehouse is the first album by the Junk Monkeys, a band I've been touting the virtues for eons on here, and in fact, this is the only record by them I haven't shared heretofore.  Deliberately or not, this long departed (but occasionally reunited) Detroit foursome came across as Replacements proteges, and amazingly, over the course of four albums their development was loosely in tandem with the Mats reluctant slouch to maturity.  This isn't their finest moment, but in some respects it's the Monkeys at their most candid and sincere, rawking out with brotherly spirit and abandon.  "Everything Remains the Same," "Lost My Faith," and "Anywhere With You" weren't anthems shooting for the nosebleeds so much as the pool tables - and that was perfectly ok with me as well as the other couple thousand earholes that absorbed these nine grooves.  Enjoy, and check out he remainder of the JM oeuvre via the link above.

01.  Lost My Faith
02. Anywhere With You
03. Whaddaya Know
04. Lookin for Fun
05. Fever Riot
06. Round and Round
07. Front Row Park
08. Tying Up Daytimes
09. Everything Remains the Same

Original Content: Junk Monkeys - Firehouse (1987, Happy Face)

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