Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dimestore Darlings - Senior Ball: Spirit of '96 tape (1996)

Yet another virtual unknown, though in fairness I presented you with an earlier Dimestore Darlings tape in 2012.  That cartridge, 1994's What is My... was actually more impressive than I originally let on, brimming with a bouquet of Minneapolis inspirations (Replacements, etc) conveyed with a warm, mid-fi aptitude.  Two years later another DD cassette entered the marketplace, Senior Ball: Spirit of '96.  Still lovingly rough-hewn and riff heavy as all-get-out, some of the quartet's grit was sanded down a notch here, albeit barely worth mentioning.  Fans of the Figgs, Libertines (US) and Finger would do well to investigate these lads, who by the way were fronted by Justin Kirk who later played a role in everyone's favorite 420-friendly TV serial, Weeds.

01. Superheroes
02. Stuck
03. Falls Through
04. Cynthia's Sorority

Original Content: Dimestore Darlings - Senior Ball: Spirit of '96 tape (1996)

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