Saturday, 15 August 2015

Treebound Story - I Remember ep (1986, Fon)

I recently had a request for some sort of music from a Sheffield, England band dubbed Treebound Story.  I don't actually possess the record I'm presenting today, so a big round of applause to whomever digitized it.  Treebound were archetypical C86 indie pop, and were quite literally in the precise spot at thee right time - down to the year in fact.  Clean, chiming guitar leads and the rest of it, and yes it's pretty damn good.  Imagine if you will the June Brides dragging a gallon of Orange Juice to a Mighty Lemon Drops concert, and you'll see where this is going.  In addition to the four-song I Remember ep you'll else get to hear TS's ace follow-up single "Swimming in the Heart of Jane," and a cover of the old standard "Trains And Boats And Planes."

01. I Remember
02. Like a Fool
03. Hunger Mountain High
04. If I'd Known

Swimming in the Heart of Jane
Trains And Boats And Planes

Original Content: Treebound Story - I Remember ep (1986, Fon)

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