Saturday, 29 August 2015

Re-ups for August.

Here's the latest round of reinstated links.  Thanks for your requests, and for keeping things interesting around here.

Superchunk - On Paper it Made Perfect Sense ep
Heavy Blinkers - Hooray for Everything
Buzz of Delight - Sound Castles ep +
Tsunami - Cow Arcade tape, Poodle 7"
The Pods - It's a Bummer About Bourbie ep
The Piersons - Appleberry Wine
Pollyanna - Long Player
Alcohol Funnycar - singles, etc
The Mutts - Stinko's Ranch, s/t ep
Greenberry Woods - Shorty ep
Spaghetti Western - s/t LP
Eyesinweasel - tour 7"
V/A - Evil I Do Not 7" box
Tame & Talking - s/t ep
Cactus World News - Spin "Special Forces" concert series (live, 1986)
Cinnamon - Cream Soda
Christmas (the band) - Invisible Girl 7"
Big Dipper - Impossible Things ep
Big Star - live 1994
Sour Landslide - They Promised Us Jobs
further - Griptape, Sometimes Chimes, Grimes Golden ep
Sneetches - Sometimes That's All We Have
Short Dogs Grow - Matt Dillon
Badgers - Picnic ep   
Hollins Ferry - s/t LP
O-Positive - Only Breathing/Cloud Factory
Ozma - Songs of (In)Audible Trucks and Cars
Outside World - s/t tape
Chainsaw Kittens - Mother (of the Ancient Birth) 7"
Buzz Hungry - At the Hands of Our Intercessors
Mercyland - No Feet on the Cowling
Indian Bingo - Overwrought & Scatological
Redd Kross - Third Eye demos
Mega City Four - Magic Bullets

Original Content: Re-ups for August.

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