Saturday, 25 July 2015

Outlets - Whole New World (1985, Restless)

The Outlets.  Now there's a cool band name, and the band's attendant music is commendable as well.  Helmed by brothers Dave and Rick Barton, this quartet made waves in their Boston environs during much of the '80s, but nationally were a less of a draw.  Sonically, the Outlets were a competent and generally gratifying, meat and potatoes power pop proposition, who may have been a tad left of center for commercial radio outlets, but not quite edgy and nefarious enough for the punk set.  Yep, the 'ol Catch 22, but aesthetically they were in good company with the likes of Material Issue, The Magnolias, and Junk Monkeys.  Whole New World, their lone LP from the Reagan-era, was preceded by a few singles some of which conveniently wound up on this platter as well.  The Outlets reconvened in the '90s for a second album and live performances.  I'd be remiss if I failed to note that a portion of WNW was reprised on the Outlets I Remember anthology, available from CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.  As always, if you enjoy what you hear support the band!

01. Whole New World
02. The War is Over
03. Sheila
04. Tilted Track
05. The Provider
06. Can't Cheat the Reaper
07. Made in Japan
08. What I Did
09. A Valentine Song
10. Someday

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